Jai Parvati Forge Limited


Team Jai Parvati Forge is fully committed to protect our environment and in doing so we consider the economic and ecological aspects of the same. We contribute to the protection and improvement of the global environment by pursuing harmony between the environment and corporate activities, through our manufacturing processes.


Jai Parvati Forge's most valuable resource are the people who work for us. Their health & safety is of prime concern to us. Continuous training at all levels are provided to encourage awareness on safety.


We at JPF believe in contributing the best toword the society through our CSR goals. Our Continuous efforts to create positive impact and progress are backed by various CSR initiatives in the field of education, Healthcare facilities and up-liftment of our surrounding rural infrastructure. We are committed towards clean and green approach for a positive future. The key activities in this area include water conservation & re-cycling, use of renewable energy, migrating to returnable from wooden packaging.

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